Releasing of fuel required for paddy farming in Yala season

Crash programme for distributing fuel required for Yala season paddy farming.

 Yala season 2022 has already been commenced. However, the Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation has given serious consideration to the difficulties faced by farmers due to non-availability of fuel in all agricultural areas.

 Accordingly, a special discussion was held in the afternoon yesterday (24) at the Ministry of Agriculture in order to make an immediate arrangement to issue fuel requirement for Yala season cultivation.

 At the discussion the Director General of Agriculture submitted a list of 217 filling stations selected for providing fuel to farmers covering all 25 administrative districts.It has been decided to continuously issue fuel to farmers for ploughing of their paddy lands. Accordingly at the request of the Minister of Agriculture the Minister of Power and Energy was informed in writing yesterday afternoon (24) itself requesting to provide farmers with fuel through above listed filling station on priority basis.

 The Minister of Agriculture has discussed the matter with the Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekara.Accordingly the latter has agreed to issue even addition requirement of fuel to farmers.

 Accordingly, farmers could obtain their fuel quota for ploughing by submitting a letter approved by a responsible officer of the respective Agrarian Services Centre.

 “2022 Yala season has become a crucial cultivation season as far as the food supply of the country is concerned.The reason is the reduction of the harvest of the last Maha season by about half.Successfulness of the Maha season of 2022 depends on the success of this Yala season, failing of which will invariably lead to the shortage of seed Paddy for Yala season” the Minister of Agriculture pointed out at the meeting.

 Accordingly, the Minister has given priority to providing diesel requirement of paddy farmers for ploughing of their paddy lands during this Yala season

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