Agri Service and Agrarian Development


This division would attend on duties such as relevant ministerial coordination with land acquisition for Agrarian Service Centers / Agrarian Development District Offices and for agrarian development activities (minor irrigations), take action on requests / complaints regarding utilize paddy land for other purposes, action on issues of tenant cultivator issues, minor irrigations, agricultural land registers, agro road and re-cultivation of abounded paddy lands, coordination on activities such as preparation of regulations on Agrarian Development Act No. 46 of 2000 amended by Agrarian Development (Amendment) Act No. 46 of 2011, establishment of Agrarian Development Councils, involve in various issues received to the Ministry from Farmers’ Organizations and farmers, actions on matters related to land acquisition for ‘Govi Sevana’ project. Further preparation of cabinet memorandums regarding the relevant activities of this division, submit observations for several cabinet memorandums forwarded by other Ministries, and submit answers to the Parliamentary questions would carry out by this division.


Main development programmes implemented by the division


  • Home Garden promotion program
  • Bee Keeping Project
  • Program on sludge removal, rehabilitation and maintenance of 1500 small scale tanks implemented by Department of Agrarian Development
  • Coordination of Water, Sanitation and Health Regulatory Pilot Project
  • Coordination of climatic conditions adapted agriculture system

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இல. 80/5,

கொவி மந்திரய,


பத்தரமுல்லை, இலங்கை.

தொ/பே: +94-11-2034300



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