Agri Input Management


The Agri Input Management Division operates to achieve the sustainable development goals in relation to agriculture sector in order to ensure the food security sector by means of facilitating the high quality agricultural  Inputs specially to uplift the organic farming production process within the framework of relevant agricultural policies. Furthermore, by conducting the nationally important agricultural events, exhibitions and the public awareness programs in relation to electronic and printed media are the key functions.




  • Coordinate the development programs to uplift the production capacity, promotion and the availability of organic fertilizer production sector.
  • Coordinating the registration process of organic fertilizer producers on district basis.
  • Coordinate the training programs for organic fertilizer producers, product registration and Certification aspects with the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Development Centre of the Department of Agriculture at Makandura (NWP).
  • Organizing and coordinating the nationally important agricultural events (Aluth Sahal Mangalya, Jathika Wap Magul Uthsawaya, Jathika Govi Sathiya) and the agricultural exhibitions conduct by the Ministry of Agriculture, other Ministries, relevant institution and stakeholders.
  • Coordinating of Development programs with the Farm Mechanization and Research Centre of  the Department of Agriculture to promote and make available of agricultural machinery and related  implements for the production of quality agricultural produce.
  • Coordinating of  Development  programs with the seed and planting Material Development Centre of  the Department of Agriculture to ensure the supply of quality seed and planting Materials.
  • Coordinating of  institution involved in publications related to the electronic and printed media to disseminate novel and important agricultural technologies and information to the general public.
  • Coordinating of  Development projects to ensure the national food security program which implements by the institutes under Department of Agriculture.

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