Development activities in the field of agriculture are planned based on national requirementand in line with the integrate approach. Making arrangements to implement those plans throughDepartments and Institutions affiliated to the Ministry, provision of necessary guidance, reviewof financial and physical progress in keeping with provisions allocated are performed bythe Planning Division which include;


  • Obtain new project proposals through all institutions of the Ministry before the end of August every year, development of those proposals as required by the Department of National Budget and submit successful proposal to the Department of National Planning and the National Budget Department with the approval of the Secretary.
  • Obtain and revise project proposal form the relevant departments/ institutions to be implemented in line with the annual budget proposals (budget speech made annually in Parliament) depending on the provisions allocated to the Ministry for the relevant year and submit the same to the National Budget Department and the Department of National Planning for recommendations / approval and co- coordinating all activities relating to the allocation of provision.
  • Submission of annual action plan to be prepared in keeping with provisions allocated by the General Treasury for year through Annual Budget proposals for approval of the Secretary. To Make aware of revisions and submission of annual plans approval by the Ministry of Agriculture to the Department of National Planning and the National Budget Department. Similarly coordinating with institutions Connecters with the implementation of above action plans.
  • Obtain progress reports in relation to the implementation of action plans on monthly, quarterly and annual bass, and review of the progress of department programmes monthly quarterly. Conduct progress review of development programmes as against quality financial/ physical targets of annual action plans.
  • Quarterly updating of the progress of the development projects over Rs.50 mn and entering the Same in the website of the project supervision Department through Internet.
  • Submission of monthly progress (financial & physical) of development programmes/projects of the Ministry and Departments using formats introduced under Zero- based budgeting together with capital and recurrent to the National Budget Department.
  • Preparation of state investment plan of all institutions and Divisions of the Ministry.
  • Submission of monthly/ quarterly progress of the Ministry and Departments / Institution operating under its preview to Department of Project Management Ministry of policy planning, cachets of Ministers and the presidential secants.
  • Preparation of publications- progress of programmes projects of the year and performance report in all three languages and submission of the same.
  • Prepare and Submit reports in all three languages required by parliamentary committees/committees Meeting (Public Accounts Committees / Sect oral overnighter Committee meeting formulation of result bases monitoring and evolution farm work and submission of quarterly progress to project supervision Department.
  • Provide Data and Information requested by the Department of Information, central banks and other state institutions.
  • Updating / maintaining of Agricultural Data base.
  • Directing all development programmes towards achieving vision , mission and objectives of the Ministry.


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