Farmer's Trust Fund



Farmers Trust fund was established (FTF) on 09 March 1994 through a Deed of Trust signed by the Secretary, Ministry of Finance on behalf of the government and a panel consisting of  the Secretary Ministry of Agriculture Development and Research, state Secretary of the same Ministry, the Secretary of the then Ministry of Agriculture Production and Marketing a farcies Commissioner of Agrarian Development and the deputy secretary to the Treasury on behalf of the Fund 


Management  stricture

  • The Secretary Ministry of Agriculture functions as Chairman of the FTF
  • Constitution of the Board of Director are as follows

           Secretary, Ministry of Ministry of Agriculture                                                                                -    Chairman

           Commissioner General,Agrarian Development  Department of Agrarian Development                -    Member

           Chief Finance Officer, Ministry of Agriculture                                                                               -    Member

           Representative of the General Treasury Ministry of   Finance & Planning                                     -    Member 


Services rendered by the Division

As per Deed of Trust established in 1994 and widening of objectives of the fund by a Cabinet Memorandum submitted in 2002 objective of which are as follows.

  • Agriculture development in Sri Lanka and ensuing welfare of the farmer community.
  • Granting short term agriculture loans to small farmers.
  • Supply of agriculture input to small farmers.
  • Granting market loan facilities to overcome financial   difficulties   of small farmers.
  • Conduct awareness programmers and pilot projects including exhibitions demonstrations and other related activities.
  • Provide other forms of support to small farmers to enable for them to engage in crop/ animal programmers to for boosting agriculture development.

Organization Chart

Chairman of the fund                         - The Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture

                   FTF board of Directors consist   of ,

  • Secretary                                                                                  -   Chairman 

         Ministry of Agriculture

  • Commissioner General, Agrarian Development                  -   Member

          Department  of Agrarian    Development

  • Chief Finance Officer  Ministry of Agriculture                    -   Member
  • Treasury Representative Ministry of  Finance Planning     -   Member

Staff Officers

Secretary      (Farmers Trust fund)

Accountant   (Farmers Trust fund)


Other Officers

Agriculture Monitoring Officer

Development Officer


Tele: 011-2034304,011-2034323

 Fax:  011-2878677



Farmer's Trust Fund Loan Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding Download
Action Plan Download
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