Solutions are being provided through the intervention of Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera Hon. Minister of Agriculture to the water issue of the Ranna Water Scheme caused by the drying up of Kattakaduwa Reservoir.

The Kattakaduwa Reservoir, which supplies water to the people of the area under the Ranna Drinking Water Scheme, which is one of the main drinking water schemes in the Southern Province, was drying up due to the ongoing drought and was only able to provide water for two or three days.

Due to this, about 12,500 families under the said water scheme had to face drinking water problems.

Therefore, Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera Hon. Minister of Agriculture has discussed with the Mahaweli Authority and taken steps to bring water from Chandrika Lake to Kattakaduwa Reservoir. Accordingly, steps have been taken to provide water through the water diversion structure which is built to provide water directly through the canal that provides water from Chandrika Lake to Kattakaduwa Reservoir.

Accordingly, it was able to solve the raw water requirement faced by the people.

Meanwhile, the Minister has observed the flow of water in the main canal that brings water from Chandrika lake to Kattakaduwa Reservoir yesterday (27). After a few months, it was a common sight to see the people who are excited because of the overflowing water in the canal, go down to the canal and bathing in the water.

Afterward, as the Eraminiyaya Lake which is the main lake that supplies water to the Angunakolapalassa Reservoir Scheme has also been drained at present, the Minister has decided to commence the reconstruction work of that lake as well. Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has taken steps to provide Rs.15 million from the money spent for that purpose by the Water Supply Board and provide the rest by the Department of Agrarian Development if additional funds are needed.

Officials have pointed out that even though the Eraminiyaya lake can also get water from Chandrika lake as the said lake has dried up this time which has never happened before, the reconstruction work should be done.

The Minister by commenting in here has emphasized that more than 10,000 tanks in the island have dried up completely at present due to this drought situation and the water level in all the main reservoirs has also decreased to 35-40 percent.

The Minister has also mentioned that in view of the provisions received by the Department of Agrarian Development for the reconstruction of dried up tanks before the rainfall of Maha season, said procedures have been commenced. Weather divisions have emphasized that while it is assumed to have a good rainfall in next Maha season due to the El Nino process, the next Yala season will be dry again.

Therefore, the Minister has stated that by reconstructing these tanks before the monsoon, more water can be stored and the problem of the farmers can be solved.

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