Stern action against companies issuing waste material as organic fertilizer for this Maha season

The National farmers Association stated that certain companies manufacturing organic fertilizer have issued tank soil, residues of paddy husk burned-out and black-coloured soil with tyre burned ash.

It was revealed by the National Farmers’ Association at a discussion held with the Minister of Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday. They requested the Minister not to issue organic fertilizer in this Maha season without establishing their standard.

“While the National Fertilizer Secretariat itself undertake sample testing before distribution, it will obtain samples at fertilizer stocks available at Agrarian Service Centres from time to time for testing. Accordingly, farmers have been provided with opportunity to select only higher standard organic fertilizer will be given a subsidy of Rs.20,000/-“ the Minister stated.

Farmers’ representatives enquired the Minister what kind of punishment will be met out to companies supplying low standard fertilizer. His response was that if any company is reported to have supplied adulterated fertilizer, those company/companies will invariably be blacklisted. The Minister stress that if all farmer organizations are co-operated with the Ministry of Agriculture, many a problem could be solved.

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