It appears that Milco Company is to stand on their feet this year than 2021

The Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Mahinda Amaraweera instructed the higher management of the Milco Company, being a government owned enterprise to formulate a new programme of work immediately to convert the same into profit earning state institution.

This was stated by the Minister when he attended a progress review meeting on future development activities of the Milco (Pvt) Ltd.

The Minister enquired the income details of the company earned during year.

In 2021 the Milco (Pvt) Ltd has earned an income of Rs.8502 million through its milk and milk- based production sale. Even in the situation of economic setback experienced this country from January to August 2022, the Milco Company is able to earn higher income during certain months in 2022 in comparison to corresponding months of the previous year.

By August this year Milco Company has been able to earn an income of Rs.7774 million. The higher Management of the Company is optimistic that at least an income of over Rs.8500 million could be earned by the end of this year. It is notable that in every month after July this year the company has earned a monthly income of Rs.20-30 million.

Several varieties of milk-based productions have been released to the market by Milco Company. 2,945,329 litres of pasteurized liquified milk, 4,875,602 yogurts, 889,216 litres of curd milk, 3,546,409 litres of ice-cream and 36,906 litres of ghee have been manufactured during this year. In addition, 12,648 kg of cheese, 173,897 kg of butter and 1,290,600 milk powder have also been manufactured.

The lack of mother cows is the main issue relating to breeding of milk cows in Sri Lanka at present. Therefore, the Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has already held discussion with Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka, Gopal Bagle on this matter and the Minister is optimistic that it would be successful. The Minister further stated that steps have been taken to discuss with Pakistan Ambassador in Sri Lanka in the future on the same matter.

The Minister said that it is only from India and Pakistan that we could import milch cows resistant to the climate in Sri Lanka. However, both these countries have suspended the export of milch cows. However, the Indian High Commissioner has discuss the matter with the Indian Government which has agreed to supply milch cows to Sri Lanka as support in this hour of need.

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