The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for formulating a mechanism with regard to the issue of Chinese Fertilizer Vessel in a manner not to harm friendship between the two countries.

The Media Personnel yesterday (04) questioned the Minister of Agriculture Wildlife and Forest Resources, Mahinda Amaraweera over special report issued by the Auditor General that action should be filed against fertilizer vessel purchased by “Gingdao Sea Win Biotech” of China.

The media men questioned the Minister when he was participating in an observation tour in a capsicum farm in Thunkama area in Embilipitiya yesterday (04) morning.

“Since the day of my assuming office as the Minister of Agriculture, I discussed the issue of fertilizer vessel on several occasions. Due to this matter the friendship between the two countries was hurt badly. My intention was to obtain chemical fertilizer instead of this bio fertilizer stock. However, that company is not manufacturing chemical fertilizer. Subsequently I looked into the possibility of returning the sum of US dollars 6.5 million paid to this company. But their response remains negative.

Their bio fertilizer productions are exported to many countries in the world. They are of the view that reputation earned by them has been damaged due to this allegation leveled against them from our country. In this circumstance we have to bear the loss amounting to US dollars 6.9 million actually a burden bearable by the people of this country.

For a long period, china has been our close friend standing always on our behalf. Therefore, restraint has to be exercise over this matter to the maximum possible level in a manner not to harm that long standing friendship in any way. We discussed the issue in the Finance Council as well.

At this meeting it was decided to entrust the task of formulating a suitable mechanism to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with no harm to the friendship of both countries. I too intend to request the Minister of Foreign Affairs to take suitable action in this regard. I expect to have further discussion with the participation of officials of the Foreign Ministry and Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka.

Honorable President’s stance is to have peaceful settlement of the issue without any harm being caused to the long-standing friendship of both countries. Yet we are taking maximum efforts in this regard.  


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