The Paddy Marketing Board releases Rs.250 Million today (02) payable to farmers for paddy stocks purchased during this Yala season

Purchasing of Yala season paddy harvest by the Paddy Marketing Board commenced from 18th last August.

Accordingly, the Paddy Marketing Board has been able to purchase 7035 Metric Tons of Paddy at a minimum guaranteed price within 15 days, one kg. of Nadu at Rs.120/- , Samba at Rs.125/- and Keeri Samba at Rs.130/-.

Although arrangements were made to make available required funds by the government as per Cabinet approval, payments to farmers got delayed due to certain unsettled issues.

Acceding to the request made by Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera from farmers to be patient until the payments are made, the farmers remained calm refraining from any form of aggressive behavior for which the Minister expressed his gratitude.

All issues relating to making payments to farmers whose paddy harvest were purchased by the PMB have been settled today (01) thanks to dedicative efforts of the Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Secretary to the President, Chief of the President’s staff and other responsible officials.

Mr.Neel De Alwis, Chairman, PMB stated that payments to farmers started today. Accordingly, steps have been taken to distribute Rs.250 Million among farmers of which Rs.108 Mn., the highest amount will be distributed among famers in Ampara district.

“In previous Yala seasons the Paddy Marketing Board had purchased 2000-3000 MT of paddy from farmers. However, in view of the government’s decision to purchase paddy at a minimum guaranteed price, it has been possible to purchase 7035 MT of paddy within 15 days” Minister Mahinda Amaraweera stated.


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