Chemical fertilizer stocks found recently in burned down residences of certain politicians

Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera instructed to carry out urgent investigation regarding chemical fertilizer stocks found in residences of certain politicians recently.

Aggressive groups during the recent unfortunate events have burnt down or badly damaged residences of many politicians.Information was circulated through public and social media that a large number Urea fertilizer bags were found in residences of certain politicians.

The media men yesterday (23) questioned Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation over current situation regarding the same issue.The Minister responded saying that immediate investigation would be carried out on fertilizer stocks found in residences of certain politicians.

Accordingly, the Minister instructed the Director of the National Fertilizer Secretariat to report him whether these chemical fertilizers include the subsidized fertilizer distributed to farmers or those purchased from private traders at the prevailing rates or else fertilizer previously issued from the National Fertilizer Secretariat.The Minister further stated that he was also surprised to find fertilizer in certain politicians’ residences at a time when chemical fertilizer are not available for cultivation.

Anyway, the Minister said that following the receipt of the report from the National Fertilizer Secretariat, he would make a special statement in Parliament on this matter.

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