Harvesting and purchasing of paddy in Amapara district continue these days.

Harvesting and purchasing of paddy continue in Amapara district which make exclusive contribution towards paddy production in Sri Lanka. In the district alone 82,385 hactatres are under paddy cultivation and 2367 metrict tons of paddy harvest have been obtained up to now.

Meanwhile under government’s paddy purchasing programme, purchasing of paddy in the district is now in progress while all warehouses seem busy with round-the-clock purchasing of paddy.

Farmers in the district are in happy mood satisfied with the fair price they received.

A few farmer who got successful harvest shared their experience with us as follows;

“ We prefer organic farming which is possible in Sri Lanka . At the inception we experienced difficulties of organic farming as a novel practice. We are always bound with farming and never keep away from it. Farming is running in our blood. Even from childhood we practiced organic farming. This season we experienced a reduction of harvest. It is true. However with the higher price received, we were able to manage the situation.

Another farmer successful in organic farming stated as follows;

‘’Thanks to the use of organic fertilizer we experienced reduction of insect damage and growth of weeds. Wastes are also reduced. We satisfied with the outcome of our effort as it would provide people with healthy diet and find solution to many a health problem such as kidney diseases and heart problems.

Another farmer expressed views on those who are fraudulenthy acting before camaras.

They are doing everything before Camara without which they did nothing: not eat grass maize and neither straw. Media is the wrongdoer. I am no hating media. Media should be in the country. Everyone who is carrying a phone or Camara or a laptop is not a mediaman. All are expecting publicity and nothing else. What for burning scare crows nothing other than publicity. In short so called media is responsible for those unfortunable incidents. All are acting before Cameras to gain publicity. If a camara is not there it is difficult to find even a couple of farmers to engage in agitation.

Another farmer who optimistic with organic farming shared his experience as follows; ‘’We prefer organic farming because we don’t like to feed our people with poison contaminated rice. Our farthers and forefarthers are organic farmers responsible for building up a healthy generation. We are happy with the fair prices offered by the government for paddy. So we never intend to keep away from organic farming because we want to creat a healthy generation for the country.”Mrs. ChaminiSomadasa, Agrarian Services Assistant, Ampara district express views as follows on harvesting and paddy purchasing in the district.

Mrs. ChaminiSomadasa, Agrarian Services Asst., Ampara district.

During             Maha season of 2021/22, a total of 82385 hactares of paddy lands were cultivated in Amapara district for which organic fertilizer requirement were issued through Agrarian Services Centres. Farmers in the district use them along with minor percentage of chemical fertilizer. At present harvesting commenced throughout the district. Mean while necessary arrangement are being.

Prepared to commence Yala season cultivation.Our forget is to provide them with the necessary organic fertilizer requirement through Agrarian Services Centres to continue organic farming without the use of chemical fertilizer. In fact we are satisfied with the positive attitudes of farmers on organic farming although they have to face certain difficulties. We expect the highest contribution of farmers in the district for the coming Yala season too.


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