Salary applicable to the MP of the Minister of Agriculture is allocated for enhancing of nutrition of pregnant mothers in Hambantota district.

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The Minister of Agriculture, wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Mahinda Amaraweera has taken steps to utilize his salary to increase nutrition of pregnant mothers suffering from under nutrition in Hambantota district. He states that donations to be received from his friends and well-wishers will also be utilized for this purpose.

Earlier at the time Covid 19 Pandemic was adversely affecting the country, the Minister allocated his pay for Covid controlling activities until the situation improved.

Identification of under nutrition mother is carried out by MOH Office. Accordingly, arrangements have been made to provide such every pregnant mother with food bag each valued around Rs.5000/- based on the information provided by Family Health Officer.

The first stage of distribution of nutrition food bags in Hambantota district among pregnant mothers commenced at the office of Family Health Services yesterday (02) in Wediwewa in Sooriyawewa. Accordingly, about 60 pregnant mothers received nutritious food bag each and it is due to distribute the same among 500 pregnant mothers in MOH division, Angunakolapellessa on 14 of this Month.

At present there are about 6000 pregnant mothers living within 12 MOH Office areas in the Hambantota district. The Minister’s plan is to distribute these nutrition bags to all of them.

The Minister attending the programme yesterday (02) stated as follows;

“The Impacts of the economic crisis are being experienced by all. Some think that politicians have no problem. Some are of the view that politicians are those eating well and washing hand with milk. That’s wrong. Just like others, politicians too are experiencing the hardships.

Various views have been expressed on malnutrition in Hambantota district. If any body is saying that no cases of malnutrition is found in Hambantota district. That’s wrong. However, it is necessary to verify the accuracy the available data.

The only way out of this crisis situation is to work all 225 MPs in parliament together. That’s why Hon. Prime Minister talked about all- party government. Unfortunately, certain politicians’ desire is to gain power by hook or crook and not to find a way out of the crisis.

The President decided to appoint every MP for Co-ordination at divisional Secretarial level. Had all 225 MPs agreed, that would have been a good opportunity to help people of this country and prevent the appointment of Mega Cabinet. Every such attempts were disrupted due to the narrow objectives of certain political parties.

I utilize my own salary and donations from my friends to help pregnant mothers. Although we are Cabinet Ministers we are given only MPs salary. Until the situation of the country got improved, we all are paid salary due for Member of Parliament. I have donated my pay since the year the Covid 19 pandemic hit the country.

Although I am not in a position to help pregnant mothers throughout the island, I took measures to distribute nutrition bag each among all pregnant mothers in the Hambantota district.

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