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Allegations that destroying country’s forest reserves is a false propaganda

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Farmer representatives throughout the island are telling to Media

  • Non GovernmentalOraganizations are behind this false propaganda campaign.
  • Foreign balck money is spending on it
  • Those who are organizing protest campaign in Colombo should come to the village and see for themselves the reality of the allegation.
  • We are those who are objecting first if anybody is destroying forest resources.

‘’GoviSanvidanaBalamadala representativesemphasisethe above facts at Media breafing in Colombo.

01.S.M.G. Samarakoon (Chairman, Sri Lanka JathikaGovijanaSnavidanaBalamadalaya)


No any damage to forest cover in Anuradhapura district. As representatives of the farmer community we request from the President to take immediate action to release the land cultivated over a period of 20-30 years. The President told authorities to give those lands to farmers. The propaganda that 33,000 acres have been destroyed is false allegation. I am telling with responsibility that even one tree has not been cut down in Anuradhapura. We vehemently condemn this mud-sling and false propaganda campaign.


02.KarunadasaPalliyage (Secertary, Sri Lanka JathikaGovijanaSanvidanaMandalaya)


Faise propaganda campaign is carried on through media that forest reserves are destroying. Lands cultivated more than 30 years have been abandoned. We were given an opportunity to recultivate them listening to our request. Mud sling campaigns of this nature will be fully condemned. We request farmers not to bemislead.


03.UpaliRajapaksa, (Secretary, GovijanaSnvidanaMandalaya, Badulla)


We saw for ourselves how to destroy forest in the past. We are not white washing the Government. Anyway we should protect the Government which always extend hand to helping the farmer. This campaign is clearly a subversive activity aimed at overthrowing the Government with the help of Non-Governmental organizations supporting subversive elements who organize protest campaigns. Photographs of destroying forest cover in foreign countries are showing as those in ours. This is nothing other than drama.


04.D.M. Premaratne ( chairman, JahikaGovijanaSanvidanaMandalaya, Moneragala)


We have not witnessed cutting down of trees what so ever in Moneragala district. This is nothing other than disrupting President Programme of developing  the country. Nilgala is in the Moneragala district. Yala National Park is in the other side. People in those areas do not allow anybody to destroy forest. This Propeganda Campaign is directing from Colombo aimed at misleading the people.


05.A.P. Amaradasa (Chairman, GoviSanvidanaBalamandalaya, Kalutara district.)


Forest are available in Kalutara district. Na damage caused to any of them. This is a conspiracy aimed at stopping relief being made available to the farming community.


06.P.M. Piyaratne (Chairman, Sri Lanka JathikaGovijanaSanvidanaMandalaya, Kegalle)


N.G.O. Supporters have joined together and use their black money for spreading those false propaganda saying that forest are destroying. Certain Media institutions too are behind this mud sling. This is a big conspiracy aimed at separating the President and the farming community. Farmers are the first group who are protesting if jungle area or any port thereof are being destroyed. We as farmers don’t see a situation pointed by them which we are telling with responsibility.


07.W.M.S. WasalaBandara (Treasurer, Sri JathikaGovijanaSanvidanaMandalaya, Anuradhapura)


We are telling all citizens not to admit baseless allegation. Come and see for yourself the reality of the allegation. Don’t fall pray to the campaign of false allegation.


08.UpawamsaBandara (Treasurer, Sri JathikaGovijanaSanvidanaMandalaya, Kandy)


Office bearers and representatives of GoviSanvidana in all 25 districts attended the Colombo Conference today. When asked on this so called campaign of destroying forest, they forthwith rejected the allegation. The question we should also ourselves where those alligator come from. There are nothing other than mud sling campaigns to tarnish the reputation of the Leader  of the country; the government of the country. We as farmers know that there isn’t a destroying of forest in any form. That is the reality of the story. We are telling this with responsibility. We are opposing any form of forest clearing or destroying.


09.J.R.D. Siripala (Chairman , GovijanaSanvidanaBalamandalaya, Hambantota)


I have been farming from the age of 17. I am telling with responsibility that no damage has been caused what so ever to any part of Yala National Park. Those protesting in Colombo are non other than supporters NGO beneficieries who have launched this mud sling campaign against the President. Certain photographs published are from other countries which we condemn vehemently. Nobody can tease farmers.


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