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Chilli Cultivation Project to build up the economy of 1200 families

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    • Government Contribution is Rs.584 Mn.
    • Implementation under provisions and direction of the Agriculture Sector Modernization Project.
    • Financial support and Technological know how to 1200 farmers to cultivate ¼ acre each
    • Chilli Export Processing Centre to Saliyapura at a cost of Rs.11 Million

    1200 farmers in Anuradhapura district have already been partners of this chilli cultivation drive to be implemented under Agriculture Sector Modernization Project. Cultivation extent is limited to ¼ acre by each family. Accordingly Rs.206,000 in the form of financial assistance and a loan package of Rs.135,000 at low interest rale (6.5%) have been made available to these farmers. Organic fertilizer use, new technology of applying polysack for weed controlling, use of protective nets to minimize insect damages and to modernize agriculture sector also preserving the indigenous practices in agriculture are the main features of this project.

    Chilli cultivations in Gallellegama of Madawachchiya being implemented under this programme were inspected (on 18.03.2021)by Agriculture Minister MahindanandaAluthgamage and Minister S.M.Chandrasena including officials of the Ministry. During this observation tour Agriculture Minister discussed various issues relating to farming and found on the spot solution to many problems raised by farmers. The Minister instructed relevant officials to develop this chilli cultivation project up to the point that chillies under the project be issued to the market with special branding based on cultivation area. The Agriculture Sector Modernization Project operating under Ministry of Agriculture has given Rs.548 Million to farmers of this project in the farm of financial assistance. The annual requirement is yet imported. Therefore the target of the Government is to cultivate chilli in 8,000 hacteresindentified within 07 districts including Anuradhapura and met the 100% requirement within 03 years. The Agriculture Minister visited chilli cultivating areas in Jaffna, Mullaitive and Anuradhapura districts and discuss with farmers the problems faced by them in achieving government’s target at which be pointed out that arrangement are already underway to get the maximum contribution of youth to agriculture.



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