Distribution Programme Of Agricultural Instruments - A Japanese grant to Sri Lanka (2KR)




This programme has been initiated since 1971 with the objective of increasing local food production. The target group is low income earning farmers.

Since then agricultural machinery and equipment are provided annually to Sri Lanka under 2KR grant package. However on a decision taken by the Government of Japan they are to be provided once in two years. Accordingly this Ministry is to submit a project proposed to Japanese Government through the Dept.of External Resources once in two years. The "Exchange of Notes" is to be signed by secretary, Ministry of Agriculture Development and Agrarian Services, Director General (External Resources ) of the Ministry of Finance and

JICS (on behalf of the Govt. of Japan).

Subsequent to the submission of the project proposed field & institutional study (associated with

the Dept.of Agriculture and the Dept.of Agrarian Development ) will be conducted by JICA /JICS pre study Mission sent by the Govt.of Japan upon which the grant will be made.

Given below are the information on the Grant received in 2008 under 2KR (2006) and the anticipated Grant in 2010. 


Description of Machinery/ EquipmentTotal received in 2008 under 2KR (2006)Anticipated Grant in 2010 under 2KR (2008)
Two wheel tractors  603  1024
Reversible ploughs for  two wheel tractors  1027
Irrigation pumps with engines         400
Potato diggers  10
Four wheel tractors  50
Disc ploughs for four wheel tractors  50
Combined harvester  03

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