Big Onion Seeds Production Programme

It has been established that the big onion seed production that had hither to seen limited to the Matale District could be extended to Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Districts as well. Accordingly this programme is now being implemented in Anuradhapura, Matale, Kurunegala and Polonnaruwa Districts. Where as big onion seed productions are done in Mahaweli area no Ministry allocations are made for same.

In this exercise, selection of farmers and officials are very important aspects of this programme. Farmers are encourage to use mother bulbs which are already available with them and facilitate others to buy their requirement. Transporting of mother bulbs to Rahangala and Seetha Eliya, storing there and vernalization  are done at the commencement of the programme.

Mother bulbs to new entrants subjects to the maximum of 250g per farmer, fungicides, polythene required to protect onion flowers from rain and frost, fishing nets to retain flowers from falling, transport for vernalization, packaging materials and racks to store production will be provided to farmers, training of officers and farmers will also be done under this programme.

A provision of Rs. 20mn has been allocated in 2011 for implementing this programme under which it is targeted to produce 23,000g of big onion seed. The objective is to meet the 50% of the local big onion seed requirement while providing high quality seeds to the farmer.

Accordingly it is expected to increase the big onion seed production annually to meet the total big onion seed requirement of 450,000g by 2013.


Activities under this programme

  • Identification of suitable areas and selection of farmers
  • Training of farmers
  • Provision of high quality seeds and necessary inputs
  • Vernalization
  • Storage and marketing

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