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Internal Audit Division is an Independent Unit established under the secretary of the Ministry separated from performing financial and accounting activities.

Internal Auditing is being carried out by the Division in terms of appointment as per section 40 of the National Audit Act and powers assigned to the Internal Audit Division by Financial Regulations 133 and 134 as well as provisions of the Circular No. 01/2019 dated 12.01.2019 of Management Audit Department to ensure the performance of the Chief Accounting Officer as referred to under 38 (b) and (f) of the National Audit Act.


The main objectives of the Division are as follows,

• Study internal controlling systems of the Ministry as well as those of Departments and Institutions and carry out continuous survey and            independent evaluation on the suitability and sufficiency of internal investigations undertaken for revealing and preventing shortcomings of      those systems.

• Assisting to the Accounting Officer and the Progress Review Committee to assess the progress of planning and implementation of                    development projects being implemented by the Ministry and Institutions coming under its purview.

• Functioning as co-coordinator between those engaged in these undertakings, secretary to the Ministry and the Progress Review Committee.



• Examine the composition and implementation of Internal Investigation and Controlling System in place within the Ministry for preventing      frauds and abuses.

• To examine whether information required for deciding the reliability of accounts and other reports and for preparing accurate financial               statements have been provided with reference to accounting procedure adopted.

• Assessment of quality of the performance of the staff in relation to the responsibilities entrusted to them.

• Examine as to how protection has been ensured for assets of the Department from damages in all forms.

• Examine whether the Establishment code, Financial Regulations and other supplementary issued from time to time by the Treasury and the       Ministry in charge of the subject of Public Administration are strictly adhered to.

• Examine the strength of the internal controlling systems adopted to reveal and prevent waste and unnecessary expenditure.

• Examine accounting procedures of the Ministry and other institutions under its purview and undertakings leading to unnecessary                      expenditure     while ensuring economic usage of all properties and assets of each institution.

• Conduct investigations wherever necessary.

• Examine the operational activities of the Ministry in the managerial point of view rather than accounting point of view.

• Progress  Evaluation of projects and programmes and work schedule in relation the achievement of their targets.

• Conducting on the spot and timely investigations on controversial issues leading to delay of work.

• Evaluation and review of criteria adopted for supervision of operational activities.




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