Making necessary expenditure to fulfil work, supplies and services within the legal framework, ensure protection of the Government’s assets and submission of information relating to financial activities of the Ministry.

i. Incurring expenditure utilizing provisions allocated through the Annual Appropriation Bill and maintaining public officer’s Advances               Account.

ii. Estimation of annual income and expenditure of the Ministry and coordination of annual estimates of developments and institutions                  coming  under its preview.

iii. Carrying out financial supervision of the Department of Agriculture and other institutions under the Ministry while providing necessary           instructions / guidelines.

iv. Making all purchases and supplies of the Ministry though the Procurement Procedure.

v. Maintaining inventories on fixed assets and consumable items attending to their supervision and store administration. viz Conducting               annual board of surveys and related follow ups.

vi. Supervision over financial activities over 05 Statuary Institutions.

vii. Allocation of necessary provisions and funds to all Provincial Councils, District Secretariats and Government Departments/ Statutory                Boards under the Ministry for implementation of development projects, and examining the expenditure reports to ensure whether they are        in tallied with Treasury Computer print – Outs.

viii. Co – ordination of audit functions relating to projects being implemented by Departments and Institutions under the Ministry.

ix. Responding to queries raised by the Public Accounts Committee and the Committee on Public Enterprises and attending to such inquiries.






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