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This division acts in respect of sponsoring the implementation of research projects related to field of agriculture technology and natural resource management. Further, taking actions to achieve progress while coordinating such projects, and strengthening legal framework related to agriculture while regulating Agricultural Acts are under its purview. This division is under the supervision of Additional Secretary (Agri Technology).



1. Strengthening the legal framework related to field of agriculture and proceed relevantly

2. Intervention to regulate food crops related import-export activities and advisory intervention for quarantine activities

3. Fulfillment of activities related to implementation of researches and projects on post-harvest technology

4. Extending supports to relevant institutes in respect of agricultural surveys and supply of information

5. Fulfillment of responsibilities assigned to Ministry of Agriculture on Natural Resource Management and Environmental Conservation

6. Performing administrative activities related to pest control and pesticides and granting legal provisions

7.Taking actions to protect Jack, Breadfruit, and Female Palmyra and Coconut trees by proceeding in accordance with Falling Trees (Control) Act

8.Support activities related to increase of soil nutrition and integrated plant nutrition systems

9.Implementation of projects related to soil tests and recommendations of fertilizers

10.Meeting the requirements to regulate the proceedings to increase the quality of seeds and planning materials

11.Building relationships with foreign countries and international agencies and maintaining the relationships as beneficial for both parties.

12.Providing information related to International Trade Agreements in the purview of International Trades and coordinating those endeavors relevant to field of Agriculture

13.Development of projects under public-private partnership

14.Regulating imports of agro inputs and machineries favorably to local agricultural technology and economy.


Duties and responsibilities

1.  Regulation of proceedings related to agricultural researches and technologies with reference to food crops vital for agricultural  development of the country
2.  Handling requests and appeals referred to the Ministry of Agriculture regarding agro technical issues
3.  Co-ordination of all agriculture technology matters in all institutions under the Ministry of Agriculture
4.  Represent the Ministry of Agriculture at meetings, workshops,  conferences, seminars and field activities on agriculture technology and proceed with required actions
5.  Regulation of import-export activities related to food crops and imports related to agro inputs and machineries favorably to local agricultural technology and economy
6.  Implementation of policies and programs related to management of natural resources
7.  Coordination of matters in institutes under the Ministry of Agriculture when implementing the policies related to natural resources
8.  Taking steps to strengthen the legal framework related to the field of Agriculture
9.  Updating existing Acts related to the field of Agriculture, giving orders under those Acts and conduct inquiries on related complaints and appeals  [Seed       Act, Plant Protection Act, Control of Pesticides Act, Soil Conservation Act, Tree Falling (Control) Act]
10.  Introduction of new Acts to the field of Agriculture
11. Recommending quata to import Agro chemicals under the supervision of relevant authorities.
12. Giving approval to exempt duty & cess for importation of accessories for agriculture purposes.

Programs in process  

1. Coordinating, monitoring & evaluating following projects

  •  Establishment of modern technology and infrastructure development of selected farms-2022
  • Introduction of appropriate agriculture machinery and equipment for crop establishment, weed management and strengthening of Agriculture information dissemination
  • Development of crop varieties and Input management technologies (Plant nutrients and protectors) to promote Eco-friendly Green Agriculture System
  • Environmental friendly fertilizer management for input use efficiency and sustainable crop production (Part 1)
  • Environmental friendly fertilizer management for input use efficiency and sustainable crop production (Part 2)
  • Plant quarantine border control efforts for the facilitation of International Trade and Protection of Agriculture in Sri Lanka
  • Promotion of eco - friendly agriculture techniques in Interprovincial areas of Sri Lanka
  • Establish of a social network-based agriculture extension method for increase extension coverage and quality

2. Establishment of soil testing facilities at agrarian service centers

Establishment of soil testing facilities at agrarian service centers programme has been started 2021 and covers the most of provinces in the country. This programme is conducting at field level as combined project of Department of Agriculture and department of Agrarian Development. The main objectives of the programme are test the soil at field level for provides soil nutrients based fertilizer recommendation and Providing Soil Health cards. Responsibility for soil testing using mobile soil testing equipment is given to the Agriculture instructors of Department of Agriculture. Responsibility for the collection of soil samples are given to the Agriculture Research and Production assistant of department of Agrarian Development.

The District level training programs have been conducted for training the Agriculture instructors and the Agriculture Research and production assistants for the Eastern, Sabaragamuwa, Southern, Northern, Central, North central, North Eastern and Uwa provinces. The mobile soil test kit have been distributed among Agrarian Service Centers in the country as one soil test kit per one Agrarian Service center by Ministry of Agriculture. Soil health cards have been distributed among the farmers for paddy lands at Agrarian Service center level.


Personal: -

  1. Additional Secretary (Agro Technology) - Dr. K. Hettiarachchi
  2. Director (Agro Technology) - Mr. T.H. Amarasinghe
  3. Development Officer - Mrs. U.M.J. Sedara
  4. Development Officer - Mrs. A.H.R. Nugaliyadda
  5. Development Officer - Mrs. K.N. Weerapperuma
  6. Development Officer - Mrs. K.A. Jayaani Chandima
  7. Development Officer - Mr. P.C. Perera
  8. Development Officer - Mr. Milton Lambias
  9. K.K.S - Mr. P. Neel
  10. K.K.S - Mr. Nimal Thilakasiri

Main Units Under the Division

Project Division



This division functioning as a sub-division of Agriculture Technology Division is entrusted with following responsibilities;

Improvement of project proposals received from varied institutes under the Ministry of Agriculture and forwarding to Donor Agencies. Submitting such proposals to Implementing Agencies subsequent to the receipt of approval and ensure required follow-up during the phase of implementation.

Building relationships with foreign countries and international agencies and maintaining the relationships as beneficial for both parties.

Providing information related to International Trade Agreements in the purview of International Trades and coordinating those endeavors relevant to field of Agriculture

Development of projects under public-private partnership and coordinating the implementation



v Coordinating the projects (Improvement of priority fruit value chain production in Sri Lanka and promoting commercialization) implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and ensure required liaisons with FAO


v  Submitting project proposals to JICA and implementing such projects ensuring coordinating activities


v  Functioning as the Coordination Unit of Asian Food and Agriculture Co-operation Initiative (AFACI) and ensure relevant project coordination. Organizing related international summits / workshops.


v   Liaison with Sri Lanka Center of Korean Project for International Agriculture (KOPIA)


v Organizing International workshops of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in Sri Lanka and other related coordination activities with APO


v  Submitting project proposals to African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO) and coordinating its projects (Initial project for commercial breadfruits in Sri Lanka)


v  Coordination activities with other international organizations (CAPSA, APPPC ,TFNET, WFP, CIRDAP …etc.)


v  Signing Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with different countries and perform required proceedings and review the progress of signed MOUs.


v  Official proceedings relating to International trades and international trade agreements (SAPTA, PFTA, DFTA, CFTA …etc.)


v  Coordination of projects being implemented under public-private partnership


ü  Projects with private institutes to develop seeds and planting materials

ü  Project to establish an Agricultural Training Center in Walpita 

ü  Waste Management Project in Gohogoda


Particulars of officials of the division

01. Mr. P.N.N. Jayaneththi

Deputy Director


Other Officials

       02.Damith Chandrakumara Pathirage- Agriculture Operating Officer

       03.R.A.D.D.N. Ranasinghe - Agriculture Development Assistant

       04.Nadeesha Shyamali Nishshanka - Development Officer

       05.Radhika MahadevaDevelopment Officer

       06.R.P.M.Shiromani -  Development Officer

       07.A.W.S.S. Gunarathna - Development Officer



1.      Research projects supervised and facilitated under National Food Production Program


Projects being implemented by Department of Agriculture in the year 2018

·         Provision of facilities to Research Station of Paranthan to increase the production of quality seeds in Northern Province

·         Development of suitable planting materials and seed film coating

·         Improvement of environmentally friendly pest control systems

·         Increase the availability of quality seeds and planting materials

·         Use of quality fertilizers for food crops

·         Development of BIPM method for major diseases and pest control

Research projects implemented by the Institute of Post-Harvest Technology

·         Production of a food preservative using extracts of  Cinnamon and Nutmeg oils

·         Use of prebiotic potentials of food fiber and resistant starch of traditional rice varieties in Sri Lanka for food industry

·         Effects of juice of citrus leaves on insect pests and quality of stored maize seeds

·         Improvement of hyper-cold preservation process (carrots, beans, beet root)

·         Design and produce an utensil to stream frozen gas for mango cooling

·         Study of the impact of pre-treatments to extend the post-harvest quality and storage period of mango crop

·         Identify and develop methodologies to increase post-harvest life and quality of lotus flowers

·         Use of biological pests to control post-harvest diseases of mango

·          “Analysis of potential use of geological equipment to increase the reliability of mango supply chain” -  A case study with mango collectors of Omaragolla

·         Evaluation of effectiveness of hydro cooling and vacuum packaging techniques for fresh fruits preservation (Guava, Pineapple, Papaya)

·         Preparation of value added granola bar (cereal food) enhanced with antioxidant properties based on leguminous crops

·         Planning and development of a device at minimum cost to identify the maturity stage of fruits

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