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Micro Water Supply Programme

This project is implemented with the objective of propagating drip and sprinkler water supply technology, fustigation technology, hybrid seed and advance nursery technology among farmers to increase fruit vegetable crop production in Dry and Intermediate zones in Sri Lanka.


Selection of Formers for proving Micro Water Supply Systems

The selection is made by the respective Agricultural Instructor thrash Developmental and Districts Heads of the Department of Agriculture. The following qualification should be fulfilled by farmers to be selected

  • Having cultivation well or source from which water is available throughout the year.
  • Owning cultivation land ½ - 1 area in extent.
  • Being fulltime/ interested farmer.
  • Possibility of procuring agricultural inputs.
  • Protected houses are provided only to farmers engaged in protected house cultivation.
  • The farmer should agree to bear 50% contribution.


How to obtain application

Application may be obtained the Agriculture Instructor serving Agrarian Services area.


Farmer Contributoins

As micro Irrigation System consists of water pump, fitter, related accessories and ½ acre drip irrigation set, the beneficiary should pay the 50% contribution to the Director General of Agriculture. The amount payable depends on the price to be decided at end of the process of open quotation calling of the Government for the systems exclusive of the pump. The beneficiary contribution is use to procure the system.

The water pump, being part of the system should be procured by the beneficiary. If the beneficiary proved that he has obtained the pump within 03 months from the date of having the system, the value of the pump will be reduced up to the maximum of Rs.50, 000 from the farmer contribution. As the water pump is used other than operating drip irrigation system, it is more appropriate to buy the pump personally (the capacity of the pump should be within 2-4 of the atmosphere pressure. The market value of such pump is around Rs. 20,000 to 50,000/=)

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தொ/பே: +94-11-2869553

தொலைநகல்: +94-11-2868910


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