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A survey to regularize sand mining in Kalu Ganga and Gin Ganga


Minister P.Harrison has instructed irrigation officials to expedite surveys for examining environmental issues related to sand mining in Kalu ganga.

At a meeting held 17TH January 2019 at the Dept. of Irrigation The Minister and the representatives of sand mining associations. He instructed official’s to streamlining the issuing of sand permits.

At present about 350 sand permit holder actively engaged in the mining of sand in the Kalu Ganga valid for mining 02 day per week. However due to their resorting to unauthorized mining in access of the allowed limit has caused environmental damage. In the circumstances the Minister directed authorizes to expedite the survey by employing additional irrigation engineering and officials of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau. The Minister caught the public support to early completion of the undertaking.

Sand mining in Kaluganga has provided direct and indirect employments to about 5000 person and the Minister requested the sand Mining Association not to resart to unauthorized sand mining in a manner harmful to the environment.

According to the survey, the 03 month sand permit could be extended upto a period of one year. Indiscriminate sand mining may lead to inclusion of sea water into the inland sources of water including revers. Therefore the Minister emphasized that he would not hesitate to take legal action against unauthorized sand mining.

The minister pointed out that early action would be taken construct stone structure under Rs.600 m provision received from the Dept. of irrigation in order to prevent the Kelani River bund erosion from Kohilawatta to Halmulla.

Unauthorized sand miner must be brought to book and the Minister stated that early action would be taken to construct a bathing ferry for benefit of resident near Kithsirimewangala, Kohila watta Junction and Gangathilaka Vihara.

Minister P.Ajith.P.Perera Kalutara District Mp S.M.M arikkar, K.D.S.Ruwanchandar,Secetary, Ministry of Agriculture and DG.Irigation Mohan Rajh were also participated on this occasion. 


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