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“Hela Bojun “food outlets from the Ministry Of Agriculture for School children

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The Ministry of Agriculture has decided to open “Hela Bojun “food outlets in schools. This decision has been taken in view of the increasing possibility of their falling prey to non-communicate   diseases caused by incurrect food pattern.

Daily death rate caused by non-communicable diseases is nine mainly owing to the correct food pattern. This was revealed at the committee meeting held on 13th March 2019 chaired by Harrison, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Livestock Development , Irrigation and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development. The committee consists of officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

The aim of this move is to increase health condition of the children while increasing their interest in vegetable consumption. The regulation of food in “Hela Bojun” outlets in schools is to be effected through food committees to be set up in schools.

 At the committee meeting the Minister pointed out that although prescribed per capita vegetable consumption in Sri Lanka is 440g, presently it has been limited to 200g.and one out of 03 individuals suffer from fatness and as a result one out of four suffers high blood pressure.

Many children come to school without breakfast .Therefore through this project, it is expected to increase the habit of vegetable and fruit consumption among school children and make them familiarize with healthy food pattern.

Ministry secretary Mr.K.D.S.Ruwanchandra and Officials of Health and Education Ministry participated at the meeting.


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