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Farmers in the Kurunegala district produce their Maha season fertilizer requirements by themselves

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As private sector institutions have been permitted to import organic agriculture inputs, there will not be a shortage of organic fertilizer, organic weedicide, organic pesticide or fungicide in the future and they are available at the market without any shortage from next October. This was revealed by the Agriculture minister in Kurunegala yesterday.

During his observation tour in Kurunegala district, the Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage inspected organic fertilizer production initiatives  in the district to meet the next Maha season fertilizer requirements.

The Minister observed the mannar in which the organic fertilizer production programes in the district are implemented by 15 Agrarian Centres backed by paddy farmers in the respective areas. Mawathagama, Karandagolla, Ibbagamuwa, Malsiripura, Madahapola, Kumbuk Gete, Rambe, Ehetuwewa, Galgamuwa, Ambanpola, Maho, Deulgoda, Nikaweratiya, Avulegama, and Wariyapola are among those agrarian services centers.

It is expected that each agrarian service centre will produce at least 100 MT of organic fertilizer, the aim of which isto manufacture theentire organicfertilizer requirement of 4200 MT within the district itself.  As paddy farmers in the district and large scale organic fertilizer manufacturers are already engaged in organic fertilizer production, by now around 45% of the requirement have been fulfilled.

“As farmers are producing their organic fertilizer requirement by themselves, they will be given 300kg of Nitrogen fertilizer and 45kg of potassium free of charge to meet the one hectare requirements .” the Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage assured.

“I am happy over farmers ‘ dedicative effort and interest in producing their own requirement of organic fertilizer in keeping with “Saubhagyaye Dekma” policy statement of his Excellency the President. In paddy cultivation organic fertilizer requirement is 250kg per 1 acre. Farmers will be given Rs. 12500/- each by the Government for this purpose. If youth population come forward to engage in large scale organic fertilizer production, the government’s support will be given for them obtain low interest loan facilities and skilled labor requirements.” stated the Minister.

The Minister also stated that arrangements have been made to provide water for Maha season paddy  cultivation continuously for 30 days under major irrigations.

During this observation tour the Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage did not forget to listen to grievances of Agrarian Development officers. Following on the spot telephone conversation with responsible officers of the Department of Agrarian Development, the Minister took instant measures to allocate 05 laborers to every Agrarian Services Centre. At the same time the Minister having discussed with the Finance Ministry Secretary Mr. Artigala take instant measures to get a reduction of current import levy on parachute trays. Accordingly under price reduction a parachute trays are available at Rs.20 per one, current price of which is around Rs. 45/-

In response to a request made to the minister during this field tour, he instructed the Commissioner General  of Agrarian Development to take immediate steps to provide all agriculture Research and Production Assistants  (Kupanisa Officers) with required face masks and sanitizers through Agrarian Development centres.

The Minister further stated that in the event of any excess production of organic fertilizer in the Kurunegala district, the government is ready to buy them.

Livestock, Farm production, Dairy and Egg related Industry State Minister D. B. Heart, Member of parliament Sumith Udukumbura and Manjula Dissanayake, Pradeshiya Sabha Chairmen, officials including Deputy Commissioner General of Agrarian Development, Kurunegala district Mr. T. M. G. Thennaoon have join this observation tour.      


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