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Minister of Agriculture asks to accelerate the investigation on the fraud in connection to the waste of public funds of 201 million rupees incurred for importation of liquid fertilizer


 118000 liters of expired liquid fertilizers being stagnated in fertilizer stores

 Taking immediate action to implement a National Fertilizer Policy

 Distribution of fertilizers to the farmers on time

 Taking effective action with regard to the farmer grievances placed in respect of non-receipt of fertilizers to Minipe area


Today, Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage made a visit to Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation situated at Wattala Hunupitiya. State Minister Mohan Silva and State Minister Prasanna Ranaweera and public officials, Fertilizer Corporation’s Chairman Janath Withanage including other officials joined this visit. During this visit, the relevant officials reported about the fraud committed at the time of fertilizer procurement done in 2015 to the Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage. It was revealed here that the Criminal Investigation Department has initiated inquiries in this regard and the matter has been referred for judicial proceedings.


2,500 metric tons of fertilizer is procured per day for Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation. Out of this, 2,000 metric tons of fertilizer is supplied daily. Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation performs its indispensible duty which is the distribution of required fertilizer to paddy farmers. During this visit, all stores complexes in this Corporation located at Wattala were observed by the Minister including many others. The Minister observed here that more than 118000 liters of expired liquid fertilizer was being stagnated in stores. Disregarding the protest made by the Corporation’s employees, these liquid fertilizers were procured in 2015 with many government reliefs including bank facilities. Even though these liquid fertilizers did not meet the required standard, they have been procured. Relevant  officials explained the Minister that then officials who were in power caused this loss to the government continuously in a fraudulent manner even though laboratory tests had confirmed the non-standard of those fertilizers. Those officials further revealed that 8.8 millions of funds were misappropriated at the time of paving carpet to the premises of this Corporation during the past regime. The Minister inquired about the progress of the investigation with regard to this fraud from the Legal Officer of the Corporation including other officials and instructed them to accelerate the said investigation.

State Minister Prasanna Ranaweera who joined this visit asked the Minister of Agriculture to take necessary action to defeat this type of fraud taking place in fertilizer sector. The Minister at the time itself inquired from the Deputy Inspector General of the Criminal Investigation Department about the inquiry on the relevant fraud. At that time, the Minister directed the Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation Chairman including other officials to provide necessary information, evidences, documents etc. to the Law Implementing Agencies which implement laws efficiently. ’Giving punishment to the parties committed fraud of public funds is the hope what the public expect and therefore it is vital to take this matter a serious and action should be taken’ the Minister emphasized. Minister of Agriculture Mahindananda Aluthgamage directed the Chief of Fertilizer Secretariat to look into whether the particular company committed into fraud still is selling fertilizers in any other names, if so, no room should be kept to do so.


46 stores belonged to Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation are functioning throughout the country. The Minister highlighted that it is necessary to provide fertilizers to the farmers on time and carry out it without causing any hindrances. During this visit, it was marked to take immediate action to construct new fertilizer stores centers at Kilinochchi and Talawa area in Anuradhapura. The Minister here asked the relevant officials to look into farmer grievances alleging that no fertilizers are received by Minipe area and initiate a comprehensive investigation on the frauds taking place from the point at packing fertilizers and in large scale companies.


During this visit, further, it was marked to take necessary action to pave carpet rapidly on all the access roads within the premises of Fertilizer Corporation. During this visit of the Minister, Corporation’s employees handed an appeal with regard to their salary anomalies to him. The Minister gave them an assurance that he would provide a solution for this matter after discussing with the Public Management Services Department. During this visit, the Minister request from the relevant administrative authorities to perform their duties keeping in mind that providing maximum services is the responsibility of Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation by filling the vacancies in the respective posts, at district and provincial level covering fertilizer distribution networks where they could be able to provide their services effectively and efficiently.

Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation Limited is dealing importation of fertilizer, mixing, storing and distribution. Certain private fertilizer companies are involving in all activities like importing fertilizers in foul means, importing fertilizers by producing forged documents, mixing and distributing fertilizers in a fraudulent manner etc. As the case is so, the Minister of Agriculture Mahindananda Aluthgamage, during his visit, asked the Fertilizer Secretariat’s authorities including Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation’s authorities to report immediately what action has been taken against those illegal activities done by such companies. After this, the Minister expressed his views to the media.

State Minister Mohan Silva who joined this visit said that the well-planed actions have been taken to create awareness about the use of organic fertilizer among the people and get them to practice. The State Minister further briefed the media that short-term and long-term actions would be taken for this purpose.


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