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Bonus are given to employees of Mahaweli Livestock Enterprises Limited




No proposal was forth come yet whether the president Maithripala Sirisena would make the common candidate at the next presidential election. Podujana Peramuna Party cheated him. Now UNP party members too have rather less faith in him in view of the recent incidents. We can give consideration if such a proposal is received.

These views were expressed by the Minister joining with the occasion of granting bonus to employees of the Mahaweli Livestock Enterprises Limited which is operating under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Speaking further the Minister stated that following his sworning as the Minister of Agriculture, a sum of Rs.6.5 mn has been credited to the Employees Trust fund. At this ceremony bonus were awarded to 85 employees of the institution in view of the new – year festival. Answering questions raised by Media personal the Minister said;

“The defeat of Expenditure Heads of two Ministers at the budget debate is a lapse on the part of the Government. Although budget debate continued for 15 days nobody called a division. Unfortunately we had to face unexpected situation when a one group bent on fishing in mud water demanded a division well aware of the fact that few governing party Members were in the House. That’s not a problem for the Government. We expect to overcome this minor set back by getting approved a supplementary estimate before the third reading of the Budget. This is not the first instance such a thing happened. Expenditure Heads of Ministries have been defeated on several occasions during periods of Chandrika Kumaratunga, R.Premadasa and Mahinda Raajapaksha. In each occasion Supplementary Estimates have been submitted. Therefore I think that it will not be a problem for Minister Patali Champika and Wajira Abeywardena. This is not a plan of back benchers of the House. At the time the division was called majority not present were Ministers and many back benchers had been present.

At present we are facing a crisis situation as for as the electricity supply is concerned. There is a problem in hydro electricity generation due to lack rain on the one hand and our inability to construct thermal power plants on time on the other. However the Minister of power and Energy has pledged to solve the issue within 10 days whereby ensuring uninterrupted power supply during and after the Sinhala and Hindu New Year festival season .By then power cut would have been a thing in the past. The power Minister is optimistic that there would not be electricity crisis at all after May this year. Some say that the UNP did nothing for power generation. But they should be reminded the fact that power houses at Victoria, Raundenigala, Rantabe and Kotmale have been constructed during the UNP regime. We do not take seriously the minor set backs of this nature. Talks are going an over establishment of a National Government these days. That is what we talk about at the  outset. We will agree with whatever decision taken by jointly by his Excellency the President and the Prime Minister over the issue. As for as I know, no officially  discuss on the formation of a National Government. Such talk might be held. Let’s wait and see. 

We had reached a consensus to field Maithripala Sirisena as a common candidate at the last Presidential Election. But such proposal has not yet forthcome as to whether make him the common Candidate at the next presidentiall Election. This time his candidature might came from the Podujana Peramuna (pohottu) Party which did nothing but to cheat him so miserably. In this background UNP MPS have little faith in him. However we are ready to discuss if such a proposal is forthcome.   


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