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The Price of Wheat Flour has been increased without government’s approval – Minister P.Harrison


Minister of Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Irrigation and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mr. P.Harrison stated that this Government would not approve the increasing of wheat flour price by a private company at its whims and fancies. So said the Minister Participating at the inauguration of Agri – Road modernization programme “Diyawara Neyo” to be implemented under Hurulu Wewa Irrigation project of Anuradhapura. Minster P.Harrison further stated that he, in his capacity, as the Chairman of the Committee on Cost of Living would not approve what so ever the increase of wheat flour price by a private company by Rs. 5/- per 1 Kg without a recommendation of the Committee on Cost of Living which decides the prices of imported and local food commodities and without approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“On previous occasion, too the price imported wheat flour has been increased. However it had to be revised in keeping with a ruling of the Committee on Cost of Living” He further stated that request made by those companies are to be discussed at the next COL meeting to be held tomorrow (10) at which decision will be taken regarding the price of wheat flour .

The Minster stated that he would not happy with that decision taken by private companies without government permission “Therefore the decision taken at the COL committee tomorrow will be brought to the attention of the Cabinet and decide the price within this week itself” The Minister added .

Under “Diyawara Neyo“ programme to be implemented with the contribution of employees and the use of machinery and equipment of the Dept.of Irrigation, several projects were implemented such as Nuwarawewa Scheme, Thissa Wewa Scheme, Halpanu Cannel Scheme, Nachchiduwa Scheme and Mahawilachchiya Scheme under which several agricultural roads were rehabilitated. The 5thprogramme which being Hurulu Wewa scheme was inaugurated today by the Minister The Dept.of Irrigation spent Rs 40.0 Million on machinery and equipment and labor contribution was made by employees.

Officials including District Irrigation Engineer of Anuradhapura Mr. Prasanna De Silva and Director, Irrigation Management Programme Mrs.Chandrika Athugala  and a group of farmers attended the ceremony.

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